Puppy Social

PWS Puppy Social

Is your puppy too young to join us at daycare but you want to set them up for success?!

Enroll them in our weekly Puppy Social!

​​​​Puppy Social is an hour-long supervised puppy playtime here at Play Wash Stay. Puppy Social is a ton of fun and also provides a critical opportunity for puppies to get the socialization and preparation your dog needs to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places, and activities.

We invite you and your puppy to attend as many sessions as you would like until your pup reaches the age at which they can enroll in our daycare program! At Play Wash Stay, our mission is to nurture and enrich your dog’s life while providing transparency and safety above all else. A great way to start your pup off on the right paw is through our puppy social hour!

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? Click HERE to create a PetExec profile for you and your puppy. You will need to upload their vaccination records after completing their profile and then head to ‘Group Training’ to select and pay for your pups slot in Puppy Social Hour!

The $10 fee is to reserve your spot as we only have 10 slots available every Saturday.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact our management team via [email protected].

PWS Start Puppy Social