Dog Walking Services

Play Wash Stay is currently offering 30 and 60 minute dog walking services, called Enrichment Walks, to help get your dog out of the house even when you can’t fit a walk into your schedule or just need a little help during the day.

Exercise for Your Dog's Brain & Body

Enrichment Walks are more than just a walk around the block as our Rangers are trained on exercising your pup’s brain and body to set your pup up to be as balanced as possible at drop off. Each walk type involves a Ruff Ranger going to the dogs residence to pick up the dog and then walking them for their designated walk time before being returned home happy and tired!

Walk the Block Sessions

Walk the Block sessions are half hour or one hour walks where a Ruff Ranger will pick your dog up from home and then take them on a 30 minute or a 1 hour long walk around your neighborhood. During that walk, your pup will be receiving mental stimulation as well as physical exercise in the form of impulse control games, attention span work, and engagement work. Our service area currently only extends to owners that live within 15 minutes of our location. Sessions are $25 or $40 for 30 minutes or an hour, respectively.