From Zoomies to Zzz’s

Premier free range dog daycare featuring:

  • over 20,000 sqft of indoor and outdoor play area
  • ratio of 1:10 Rangers to dogs
  • daily enrichment activities
  • a H2O Fido pool


Our Play, Wash and Stay care is primarily “free-range”. If you are interested in adding social enrichment and exercise to your dogs routine, APPLY for the PWS Daycare Pack today.


Bath and Blow Out services now offered to our current daycare dogs!


There’s no place like home so we are proud to offer in home dog sitting for our current daycare members. While you’re away you can rest assured your pup is safe and comfortable in their own home or in a Rangers home living their best life!

Our Goals

We keep dogs and their owners happy.

We aim to help the owners and dogs in our program live their best lives by offering top notch care, transparent communication, and an enthusiastic commitment to each pup that comes through our door.

“I am continuously overjoyed by our experiences… Their services are top notch, and the people they employ cannot be beat!”

Lindsay W.Badger’s mom and long time customer

Peace of mind
Honest communication
Great support & services
Skilled and invested staff