Why Kevin And His Owners Love Doggy Daycare

By Olivia Purcell | March 22, 2023

“You Can See The Smile On His Face”. – Chayce & Michaela What are your names?Chayce & Michaela What is your dog’s name, breed and age?Kevin. He’s a 2½ year-old goldendoodle. What is Kevin’s favorite part about going to Play Wash Stay?“When we wake up, we will tell him it’s a ‘school day,’ and he […]

Tell Tail Signs: What’s your dogs tail telling you?

By Olivia Purcell | March 10, 2023

Although tails are only one part of a bigger picture, their movements can help dog owners better understand their four-legged companions. Dogs are just like us: They experience excitement, fear, anxiety, stress and joy. Unlike their human companions, however, four-legged friends can’t chin-wag about what’s going on inside their furry noggins. Instead, dogs emote through […]

A Day as a Play Wash Stay Ruff Ranger

By Olivia Purcell | December 19, 2022

Ruff Rangers wear many hats at Chattanooga’s PlayWashStay daycare and boarding facility. Here’s a peek behind the curtain. Despite being the envy of all jobs, the PlayWashStay Ruff Ranger position is about more than getting to snuggle and play with dogs all day. Even though that is a huge perk, Rangers always have a full […]