Why Kevin And His Owners Love Doggy Daycare

“You Can See The Smile On His Face”. – Chayce & Michaela

What are your names?
Chayce & Michaela

What is your dog’s name, breed and age?
Kevin. He’s a 2½ year-old goldendoodle.

What is Kevin’s favorite part about going to Play Wash Stay?
“When we wake up, we will tell him it’s a ‘school day,’ and he just starts freaking out with excitement. You can see the smile on his face. And he’s just ecstatic about being here. And after we pick him up, he’s completely chill. We know he had a great day because he acts like [he had a great day].”

What’s your favorite part about Play Wash Stay?
“It helps his behavior because he gets to interact with humans and dogs at least once a week. It has helped him a lot not only from an energy level perspective — because he is a high-energy dog — but also from that ability to [feel comfortable around] really anybody.”

How did you hear about Play Wash Stay’s services?
“We went to Play Wash Pint a few times and had such a blast watching him running around, and just enjoying its atmosphere. When we heard this was opening up, we had to jump on the list as soon as we could. We’ve been coming since it opened.”

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